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Our Secondary Glazing System combines stunning aesthetics with excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Whatever your Secondary Glazing requirements, choose Pane in the Glass to supply your Secondary Glazing, as we promise added insulation and protection for your home or building. Advantages of Secondary double glazing:



Benefits of Secondary Glazing

  • Lower energy bills
  • Better sound insulation
  • Added security
  • Increased comfort
  • Suitable for listed buildings
  • No damage to existing windows



secondary glazing


What is Secondary Double Glazing?

- Secondary glazing is another window fitted on the inside of you existing window, our system is aluminium with a timber sub-frame, it is some times called secondary windows.

Will Secondary Double Glazing reduce noise?

- Yes, considerably, for extra sound proofing consider a different thickness of glass to the existing glass, different thicknesses cut out different wave lengths giving improved noise reduction.


Will Secondary Double Glazing eliminate draughts?

- Yes, but we recommend that you draught proof the existing window as well




residential glazing

Secondary Glazing involves adding another slim-line window to your existing windows. Made from strong light weight aluminium, it is a slim and discreet, cost effective method of insulating & sound proofing your windows. By fitting our Secondary Glazing you could save around 10% on your heating bills. The Energy Saving Trust states that it is an ‘ideal solution if you are unable to replace your existing windows with double glazing’.






commercial glazing

Our commercial systems are versatile and economical, offering a wide variety of options to suit any application, whether they are retail outlets, reception areas, commercial entrances or shopping centres. Our commercial systems benefit from the slim lines achievable using the natural strength of aluminium. Powder coated aluminium offers strength, durability and is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, making these products virtually maintenance free and built to last.









How do I get a Secondary Double Glazing quotation?

In order to obtain a quotation please fill in the online quote form.